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The primary cultural toolset of the Todos are bamboo and stone, with little wood (most of the surviving Todos forests are bamboo glades - the forests which birthed their semidomestic bears, have been gone for 4,000-ish years; the young bears remain excellent climbers, like their RL Dawn Bear ancestors)

Prophetic and divination is carried out by means of (hematurgy?), casting iron dust into a fire to observe the flames and observe the shape formed by the melting and cooled iron.

Clothing tends to be worn by wrapping {handlength-broad & fingernail-thick bands of plant-based material} around the body. Only senior members of family groups may wear anything worn from bearskin or bearfur; the sole exception are those who lead their tribal band by merit or by prophetic accuracy.

In the year 5, the three dialectal groups were united under the leadership of NAME, who forced the dialects to reunify into a single language, to reinforce that the Todos groups were one people.

It was under this unity that the Todos began to explore and colonize the Northern Islands.

It was in 490 that the Rough Iron Age began. It was in (?) that the Todos first met their neighbors, the (?)

The protolanguage is


p_p_ = exclamation, attention-grabber.

Romanization uses both (χ) and (h) for /χ/

dhötün = manwards

dhël.hün = landwards

dhogõn = hospitable

dhőn, œthon = moonwards, countermoonwards {respectively}

Del.henk = arboreal {climbing, brachiating, etc}

Deleng = arboreal meat ɔn = 2nd Person marker.

Gutün- = towards a child, infirm person

Gutün = child, infirm person

Etün- = towards a dead person

Etün = a dead person

ënχön = nose

ënχőn = a bound dual

ïnïn = 1, stone

ïnɔn = 2, cove

ïnon = 3, pit, hole

ïl.henk = swimming

ïleng = swimming meats

inχön = tongue

Ing = speaking

Itün- = towards dead people

Itün = dead people

inχőn = contained, within

Ink = (to) converse

Ongthőn = stars

Oënuny = safety

Oënuny = armor, shell, skull

önguny = bones, internal shell

önχön = ear

őnχőn = dual

őnguny = long and slender

Ɔneny- = towards salt water, tainted water

Ɔneny = salt water, tainted water

Pol.henk = burrowing

Poleng = burrowing meat (land and sea)

tɔl.henk = running

tɔleng = running meats (land and sea)

Thogony = edible part of a plant

Thötün = man

Thön, œthön = moon

Thëlün = land

œl.henk = slithering, crawling

œleng = slithering meats (snakes, eels, etc)

l.hösœn = (along) the eyeline, line of sight.

l.hogõn = toxin

l.hun, l.hün = skywards

Lun, lün = sky

Logony = inedible plant

Lösœn = eye

nɔntün = you

Neny- = diseasedwards

Neny = diseased

Nenulösœn = sleep

Nenul.hösœn = encamp(ment)

Nyeny- = sunwards

Nyeny = sun

Ul.hösœn = (?)

Ulösœn = pretending to sleep ün = drinkable water

ün- = towards drinkable water

χotün- = womanwards

χotün = woman

Χü- = not verifiable

Χü= do not

Χuχü- = verifiable

Χuχü = yes do