The sarkastodon is a large man-size creature.

The sarkastodon is an large carnivore that inhabits arid regions of Zephyria and the taiga and tundra of Zephyria and Borea. It is related to the dog-bears and ailuries. There are at least two main varieties: the steppe sarkastodon of Zephyria and the tundra sarkastodon. [1]

Steppe SarkastodonEdit

The steppe sakrastodon is a man-sized animal that inhabits the steppe and some parts of the desert of the Zephyria continent. Called ƛ̓adsiƛu in Proto-Umík, spoken by the Aq̓ám, they are generally very slow carnivores and are meant for more or less strength rather than stealth.

The Aq̓ám hunters hunt these creatures but it requires much skill as it is hard to over-power these carnivorous animals. Their fur is prized and their tails are used to make many decorations in Aq̓ám culture.

Tundra SarkastodonEdit

The tundra sarkastodon ranges across the tundra and into the taiga of Borea and Zephyria, primarily subsisting on carrion (especially mammoths, rhinoceros, and paracers), although it rarely hunts smaller animals and feeds on salmon runs and berries. It is Etheria's largest terrestrial mammalian carnivore, approaching the theoretical limits of size in a carnivorous mammal. Mature adult males can reach 1.8 m at the shoulder (on all fours), stand 4 m upright, weigh 800 kg. Tundra sarkastodon have large nostrils, and can detect the smell of blood and carrion from a great distance. They travel across the tundra, driving other predators from their kills.

Tundra sarkastodon hibernate in winter, and build up enormous reserves of fat in the weeks and months before hibernation. They are known to be particularly dangerous during this period. [2]