A picture a Maghan huntress and her fellow Nihaj.

The Nihaj are creatures quite similar in appearance to Earth's triceratops. They are endemic to the islands of western Borea, around the Middle Sea.


The Maghan people became notorious throughout the Arcesian culture and the Daihexi islands for having domesticated such big animals, but also for having such a close bond with them as to consider them part of their own family.

They were used for transportation, food (eggs and the flesh of males) and clothing. Separate breeds appeared according to their purpose: impressive, strong one for transportation, layer of many eggs and with a lot of production for eggs and smaller, smooth and hard skinned ones for clothing. Usually, females were kept alive longer, males becoming too aggressive with age.

Use in warfareEdit

They were never used directly for warfare before non-Maghan people tried to invade Magha proper. The people of Sho and Ahi still didn't use their Nihaj as warmounts when the Arcesian People settled their islands.

This use of the Nihaj was seen as taboo by most Maghan culture, this meaning why it never happened even when they needed it. A few tribes couldn't take anymore humiliation from the invaders and broke the taboo for their own protection. This provided them with a clear-cut advantage for a long time.