A gutar.

The gutar is a sort of horse-like reptilian animal that inhabits the various islands and peninsulas in western Borea. Roughly the size of a horse, the gutar has a similar diet, and primarily eats grasses or small shrubs. They are quite social and commonly have herds of 10 to 20 individuals. Gutar are capable of running at quite high speeds for some time, and can run long distance at a somewhat lower pace.

Unlike the gutarca, the gutar have been fully domesticated by the On, which use them to help transport material from place to place, such as wood, as well as to help plow fields. Additionally, their eggs are also eaten at times.

In Arces, the gutar (which is called the Ektlam) has also been successfully domesticated in the southeastern regions. They are used for transportation and as mounts, but are not used as extensively as the Horn-noses.