Feather Claw

The Featherclaw (Shamtr-umuya in Proto-Arcesian and Shantriumya in Classical Arcesese) is a small omnivorous animal found across western and central Borea, mainly around the Mesoborean Sea. It is related to the carnivorous Sa.


Featherclaws mainly fed on seeds as well as small animals such as lizards, rodents, or worms. They used their talons to either dig or to kill.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Relatively small, the Featherclaws were still larger than their relatives, the Sa. Domesticated featherclaws could grow to 80 cm in length and 1.2 m in height, although wild ones were generally slightly smaller. Featherclaws are feathered, although the color of their feathers vary from region to region.


The Featherclaw was domesticated during the late neolithic, kept mainly for its meat and eggs.