The continents of Etheria

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Welcome to the Etheria Project wiki. Detailing the world of Etheria, this wiki is a collaborative conworlding attempt by members of the Zompist Bulletin Board (ZBB). The original thread is located here: [1].

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The cultures of Etheria so far.

  1. Nannalu's desert and steppe area and the Aq̓ám and the region.
  2. Lyhoko Leaci's marine Intacar region and nearby areas, and the On.
  3. Mr. Z's Quòng, containing the Amùh Empire ruling the Dêmbos clans.
  4. Cybrxkhan's mediterranean coastal regions and nearby plains, and the Arcesians.
  5. Ceresz's mediterranean coastal area and nearby regions, and the Ála.
  6. Caleone's monsoon forest and the Argakh River, Niamberia region, and the Jabeq.
  7. Roninbodhisattva's forested Jyokun archipelago.
  8. Bristel's eastern mediterranean littoral and lake region, Nalcyon, and the Teskwan.
  9. Rodlox's Todos, home the Todos.(†)
  10. Helios' coastal desert and steppe area Lojedos, home of the Lojedim .
  11. Solarius' Momo and the homeland, the Harla Archipelago.
  12. Abi's dense rainforest, home of the Wahlichi.
  13. KwirElph's rainforest islands inhabited by the Narinaran.
  14. Opera's (A.K.A. Dhivuri) archipelago, Daihexi.
  15. Gojera's (A.K.A. Goblin Witchlord) small archipelago, the Yon region.
  16. Avo's (A.K.A. Fanu) savannah and rainforest area, the land of the Mocha.
  17. Taernsietr's steppes near Ceresz's region, and the Steppe Ála .
  18. Arkasas's Okenyu and the Alrangdalu river.
  19. Lithray's Alabay in the humid continental zone of Borea.
  20. Ougadougou's Zaseshe, home of the Kaème people.

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