The Shiwa language (Sh. Śio yašd), the language of the Shiwan kingdom, is a Mochan language spoken around -1000 BEA in the Aksora valley. To differentiate the language from the later dialects, it is often called Classical Shiwan.

Sound changesEdit

One characteristic of Shiwan is the development of a threeway distinction of sibilants /s ɕ ʂ/, the breaking of the coronal affricates into clusters, the merger of */k/ and */č/, rhotacism, the deletion of intervocalic nasals and the loss of rounded velars safe for /xʷ/.

Sample wordsEdit

čaš < *kora "finger"

čošd < *kōč̣i "man, male"

rok < *zōkʷe "heart"

śio < *šiwa "people"

skan < *kʷsamt- "Kosamt"

sah < *c̣onē "tooth"

yašt < *leča "tongue"

yen < *yɨŋe "woman, female"