Situated in southwestern Borea, Arces is a region with a mainly Mediterranean climate. Arces is the westernmost region of the Mesoborean Sea and is home to the various Arcesian cultures.


Most of Arces has a mediterranean climate, though the southern coasts and islands do sometimes have sub-tropical climates. The region tends ot be more arid as one travels towards the Umuyas, and regions near these mountain ranges are usually of steppe or desert climate.


Arces is divided into three sub-regions, called the River, Plains, and Coastal regions. The River region, located in the north and center of Arces, is dominated by the Caran river valley, which is home to the Arcesian Empire; it is bordered by the Mesoborean Sea to the north. The more semi-arid, steppe Plains region, located in southeastern and eastern Arces, contains the Umuya mountains, which are considered to be something of a natural border to the east. Finally, the Coastal region contains many of the southwestern islands and coastal plains, and is usually mediterranean to subtropical in climate.

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