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Rough territory of the Amùh Empire. The Amùh clan is in the purple part; the Demb clan is in the light-blue to green part.

Amùh Empire

Paqaùng Amùh






Amùh Chief

The Amùh people are a powerful clan, currently ruling an empire in the continent of Borea (Amùh: Qaùng). The center of their empire is in the north.


The Amùh people have a rather dark skin, but not black. They are usually short, around 150-160 cm. Their hair color varies among various dark shades.

Social OrganizationEdit

The Amùh are divided in clans. Each clan has its own region within the empire, speaks its own dialect and worships its own patron deity. The clans were originally independent; however, the southern Dambu clan, controlling the most fertile lands, invented agriculture to support larger populations, and became dominant as other clans became dependent on its food exports. Agriculture eventually spread throughout the clans, but they remained dependent on the Dambu clan. The northern Jambus clan later conquered the other clans, forming the Amùh Empire. Ever since then, it has been repressing other clans and working towards assimilation of the population, although it has been mostly unsuccessful so far. The clans continue to produce their own food, maintain their worship and even their chiefs still hold power.



There is no one language spoken by the whole population in the Amùh Empire. The population can be broken into clans, each with its own dialect. Most dialects are mutually intelligible. The language of the ruling clan of the empire has the native name Kati Amùh, and is not mutually intelligible to other dialects due to processes of heavy monosyllabification occuring at the present. The Amùh government also uses a primitive logographic writing system to record important events and for keeping records.


The Amùh have their own religion. They all worship similar deities, personifications of concepts such as water, snow, growth. Additionally, each clan has a patron deity, after which the chief is usually named. Some clans themselves are named after their patron deities as well, but the dominant ones are not. Since the Amùh clan rules the empire, the patron deity of the empire is Thula, snow.


The Amùh Empire keeps a large army. Among its ranks are archers, utilizing simple bows, front-line soldiers, mostly equipped with stone spears (gradually moving towards copper) and copper shields. The ultimate decision-maker in the military is the Amùh chief, who rules over the empire.