The Ɂūmríɂlish people were a people from northern Arces. They are considered to be the one people who spread westward and split into peoples now known as the Ɂūmríɂlic peoples.


They resided in northern Arces from an unknown date to around 6000 BEA, after which they had moved west due to uncertain circumstances.

They were probably part of a larger ethnic group which had settled Arces millenia ago, perhaps apparented to the Razam culture. Aside from maybe a few other minorities, the Ɂūmríɂlish people is the only group of these pre-Arcesians to have survived the Arcesian migrations period.


The Ɂūmríɂlish people were fishers and sailors. When they migrated, they followed the coast as well as the rivers inland, hence why they ended up on the eastern Middle Sea shores.

While little else about them is known, they had a consequent parallel vocabulary used by the bāɂgáf /pa:ʔ.'kafh/, or shaman, hinting rather heavily at some kind of shamanistic culture. Also, later peoples clearly were shamanists.


Wōhūmríɂlan is considered to be their language and the mother-language of all other Ɂūmríɂlic languages.